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About bus tickets

How can I buy a bus ticket?

You can buy a ticket at the Mobilly website in the section "Intercity bus tickets" or in the telephone application.

Be sure that you've added a bank payment card to your Mobilly account.

In the application, select the section “Buses”, indicate the desired route and trip, and click on "Buy a ticket".

How will I get my ticket?

Bus tickets bought via Mobilly will be sent to the email address you indicated when buying the ticket. The ticket will also be saved in the mobile application.

Do bus tickets cost more on Mobilly?

The bus ticket price will be the same as in the ticket office. JSC "CATA", "Nordeka" and LLC "Jelgavas autobusu parks" are not subject to any commission fees, however for other carriers, Mobilly tickets have one of the lowest commissions online.

What is the commission fee on bus tickets?

There are no additional commission fees for JSC "CATA”, "Nordeka" and LLC “Jelgavas autobusu parks” bus services. For other carriers, Mobilly provides the lowest online commission – up to 60% cheaper than other ticket providers.

In addition, Mobilly allows you to reserve your seat on the bus.

Can I return a bus ticket?

In accordance with the amended Regulations No. 599 of the Cabinet of Ministers "Procedures for the provision and use of public transport services", effective from 4 March, 2016, you can return a bus ticket up to two hours prior to the departure of the bus, or if the trip is delayed for more than 15 minutes or if the trip is not performed due to the carrier's fault. The refundable amount is 75% of the ticket price.

You can return the ticket on our homepage by registeringwith your phone number and password. To return your bus ticket, go to the section "Tickets" and press "i" at the ticket number, or call 1859*.

See other ticket return conditions HERE.

*The call may be subject to an operator-specific tariff, depending on your plan with that provider.

Do I need personal identification to board a bus?

Yes, because the driver will compare the data on your ticket to that on your ID document. You must have personal photo identification with you (e.g. student or pensioner’s or other official ID, driver’s licence, passport, etc.).

What if I accidentally delete my ticket?

If you have unintentionally deleted your email, you can always find out your valid ticket numbers in the Mobilly application on the phone or by calling us on 1859*. We'll help you!

*Your mobile operator may charge you accordingly to your tariff plan. Or you can call on +371 22001859.

Can I buy a bus ticket by adding the payment to my mobile phone bill?

If you are a LMT or Bite post-paid customer and you are allowed to buy premium rate services, you will be able to pay for the bus ticket by adding it to your phone bill.

Please note that you will be able to buy the ticket this way only in the Mobilly application. In order to buy a bus ticket on the Mobilly website, you will first need to supplement your Mobilly account.

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