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About Jurmala

What is the fee for entering Jurmala?

The one-time Jurmala entry fee is EUR 2.00*.

*A confirmationby SMS has an obligatory transaction fee of EUR 0.11 and cannot be refused.

When should I purchase a Jurmala day pass?

A day pass can bepurchased on the calendar day when you enter Jurmala, before or after entering the city. The pass is valid until 23:59 on the date of purchase. During this time, you can enter and leave Jurmala severaltimes. The confirmation SMS costs EUR 0.11.

This message is a proof of payment of the fee and must be presented on the request of any police officer.

How can I pay for a Jurmala pass with Mobilly mobile app?

Always check the balance of your Mobilly account before you try to pay for your Jurmala pass!

There are 3 ways to supplement your Mobilly account:
1. In the Mobilly app on your phone, go to the "My card" section in the Mobilly app, enter the amount you want to add and confirm
2. On the Mobilly website, go to the “Supplement”section and enter the amount you want to add to your account, either by bank card or bank transfer
3. Call 1859** or 22001859

**The call may be subject to an operator-specific tariff, depending on your plan with that provider.

To purchase a one-day pass in Jurmala, go to the "Parking" section, select the J zone and press START.

How do I add the Jurmala entrance fee to my phone bill?

If you are an LMT, BITE or TELE2 post-paid customer, you can add the fee for a one-time Jurmala day pass to your telephone bill. To do this, send: MSTART space VEHICLE space J to number 1859.

VEHICLE - Your vehicle number
Example text message: MSTART AA1234 J

A one-time Jurmala entry fee is EUR 2.00 plus a service charge EUR 0.36.

How can I be sure that the entry fee has been paid?

Upon payment for service, you will receive a confirmation message. This message is a proof of payment for the fee. It must be presented to police officers on request.

The mandatory confirmation SMS carries a transation fee of EUR 0.11. This message cannot be refused.

During what period should I buy Jurmala entrance pass?

You have to buy entrance fee to Jurmala from April 1st until September 30th.
From October 1st until March 31st there is no entrance fee.

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