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About train tickets

How can I buy a train ticket?

You can buy a ticket at the Mobilly website in the section "Train tickets" or in the telephone application Before  you purchase a ticket, be sure you've added your bank payment card to your Mobilly account. In the application, select the “Trains” section, indicate the desired route and trip, and click on "Buy a ticket".

*First, always check the balance of your Mobilly account before you try to pay for anything!

What is the train ticket price on Mobilly?

The train ticket price is exactly the same as buying at the ticket office.

Can I buy multiple tickets?

Yes, you can buy multiple tickets from one Mobilly account.

How long is the train ticket purchased by Mobilly valid?

The train ticket is valid for one trip selected at the time of purchase or the next trip thereafter. Note: Train tickets must be purchased before boarding! For further information, see: www.pv.lv

Can I get a refund for the purchased train ticket?

In accordance with the amended Regulations No. 599 of the Cabinet of Ministers "Procedures for the provision and use of public transport services", effective from 4 March, 2016, you can return a train ticket up to two hours prior to the departure of the train. The refundable amount is 75% of the ticket price.

To get refund for a purchased diesel or electric train ticket, send an email to info@mobilly.lv, indicating the phone number from which the ticket was bought, the route and time of the trip, and the reason for the return of the ticket.

See other ticket return conditions HERE.

Are there different conditions when buying a diesel train ticket?

Tickets for diesel train trips can be bought in the Mobilly application or on the website for trips within the next 10 days. Ticket will be valid for the selected trip or the next identical trip immediately thereafter.

Tickets cannot be bought for high-comfort class cars or trains with reserved seating. It is not possible to pay a surcharge to travel in the high-comfort cars.

Can I add the cost of a train ticket to my mobile phone bill?

Yes, customers of LMT and Bite can purchase a train ticket by adding it to their mobile phone bill.

In Mobilly, select the required train ticket and instead of "Buy a ticket" click on "Pay by adding to phone bill" - then you will have bought a train ticket, and the amount including the commission fee of EUR 0.25 will be added to your mobile phone bill.

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