Our goal

Mobilly’s goal is to create a billing system that allows mobile phone users to make and receive payments with their phones anywhere that mobile communications are available.

We have built super convenient and user-friendly billing system for mobile phones around. With the Mobilly application, you can pay for car parks, entry fees in Jurmala, EV charge, taxi services, purchase train and bus tickets, as well as Riga public transport tickets, supplement Bite cards, make donations and pay for other goods and services. Mobilly partners with businesses so that they can take advantage of Mobilly’s benefits, too.

Mobilly logo and its use.

Facts and figures about us

40 employees

working hard

24 services

and more to come

225 coffees per day

energised the whole day

1 dog

make everyday more fun

Contacts and details

Phone number 1859*

*Your mobile operator may charge you accordingly to your tariff plan.


Dzirnavu str. 91 k-3-20, Riga, LV-1011


SIA Mobilly

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