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Frequently asked questions

How can I open a Mobilly company account?

In order to activate a Mobilly company account, you will need the original contract.

Two copies of the contract must be delivered personally or sent by courier to SIA “Mobilly”, Dzirnavu street 91 k-3-20, Riga, LV 1011.

If you want to sign the contract electronically, before signing the contract, please call 1859 * or 22001859 to get the contract number.

Upon receiving the original copiesof your contract, we will create your Mobilly account and send the access data to the email indicated in the contract.

See the contract HERE!

* The call may be subject to an operator’s specific tariff depending your plan.

The contract is signed. How to use Mobilly?

To add a telephone number to your company account, you need to register at Mobilly website at, under My Account-> Companies, where you enter Mobilly account access data.

To add phone numbers or vehicle numbers – use the section Profile.

Once you have added the specified phone number, the customer will be able to start paying the parking fee from the company account.

In the sectionProfile, you can also make the following changes:

1. Specify the specific vehicle numbers, the particular phone numbers will be able to pay

2. Edit the authorized services for your employees

3. Edit allowable times and days when employees can make payments from their company account

For instructions on how to use Mobilly, see here.

How do I reset my company account password?

To reset a company account password, Mobilly needs to receive an email from the contact person indicated in the contract. Send an email to

Where can I access invoices, accounting documents and reports?

On the first working day of each month Mobilly prepares an e-invoice, which can be viewed in your Mobilly company account at The invoice is also sent to the contact person via email. An e-invoice consists of:

1. “Amount for payment” is the amount to be transferred to the invoice-issuer, SIA Mobilly,w to the bank account indicated. The total amount shown below the Service List table may differ from the ” Amount for payment”, if a smaller or larger amount than needed has been paid for the invoice of the previous month.

2. SIA Mobilly has settled with the Partners, therefore only the SIA Mobilly requisites must be presented in the declaration. Information about the Partner is informative.

3. More detailed information about phone and vehicle numbers and individual transactions can be viewed in the “Statement” of your Mobilly company account at

How to determine if a customer has been added to the company account?

Your Mobilly profile in the application  displays information about the company to which the customer has been added.

The contact person for the Mobilly company account can see all the phone numbers of all associated users  in the company profile at my in the “Statement” section by logging in with the company access data. uses cookies that store information about your visits to the website. The data is anonymous, and helps us to improve the quality of the website and the services we provide. Please accept the use of cookies on the website.