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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to restore the closed Mobilly Company Account?

No, it is desirable to conclude a new contract. The contract form can be found here –

How can I close my Mobilly Company Account?

From the e-mail specified in the contract a letter should be sent in free form to [email protected] with information about closing the account, indicating the company name and the date you want to close the Company Account.

What other payment options do you offer to the owners of legal entity accounts, except the payment for parking?

All services are available on Mobilly website:

I want to pay for a car park from my Company Account, but I can’t. What should I do?

To clarify the reason, call 1859 * or 22001859.

The most common reasons why you’re unable to pay from your Company Account are following:

• The Company has refused payment for the service you have chosen from Mobilly account;

• The company has limited the time of payment for the service you have chosen, allowing it to do so only on certain days and times;

• The credit limit for the Mobilly account has been reached;

• The Mobilly Company Account has been blocked;

• The phone number from which you want to pay for the selected service is not attached to Mobilly Company Account.

* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.

Is it possible to pay for two vehicles at once from the Company Account?

Yes, it is possible to pay for unlimited number of vehicles from the Company Account.

If you pay on the app, then after you have activated the payment for the first vehicle in the parking lot, to start payment for another one, move the screen a little lower, where you will be able to re-select the necessary tariff zone for the other car and activate it, just like the first one.

If you make a payment via SMS, send a separate message for each car to 1859 with the text:

START space AUTO space ZONE

where AUTO – vehicle number, ZONE – the parking zone indicated on the payment machine or on the poster at the parking lot.

Order example: START XY1209 B

! To stop payment, send a separate message for each vehicle to 1859 with STOP AUTO, where AUTO is the number of the vehicle the payment for which is to be stopped.

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