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Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for parking?

1. Download the application on the phone
Enter your phone number in the application and click on the “Get password” button. In a moment, you will get a text message with a password. Enter it in the application and your account is registered!

2. Add a bank card
Enter your bank card in the Mobilly application and add funds to your account with just one press of a button . When you’ve topped up your account,  you can use Mobilly to pay for parking fees.

How can I pay at a parking lot with Mobilly?

First, always be sure you have enough money on your Mobilly account.

In the application, select the section “Parking”, select the Mobilly tariff zone, indicate your vehicle number and press START.

To stop the payment for parking, press the STOP button.

How can I be sure that the parking payment in the application is either started or stopped?

When you press the START button, a clock with a countdown will appear in the application, indicating how long the payment for parking has been active.

After pressing the STOP button, a message will appear that the parking session has been successfully stopped.

What is the Mobilly Tariff Zone?

This is a designation that identifies each parking lot for which you can pay with Mobilly.

Typically, they are one, two or three letters, indicated on a sign at the parking lot and on the zone map in the application.

What if I don’t know which Mobilly Tariff Zone I’m in?

The exact tariff zone of a parking lot can be identified in the Mobilly application zone map or on the website. In you have questions, you are always welcome to contact Mobilly customer service by calling 1859*.

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