Please be informed that there are upcoming changes in Mobilly Regulations for use of services on November 1st 2023.

One of the changes concerns the way Mobilly applies their commission. Regarding intercountry public transportation tickets the commission has been set to 10% from the ticket price. Mobilly reserves the right to apply additional discounts to their customers. 

Additionally there will be changes in financial transaction cost for parking in the zones along city streets (A, B, C, D, R, V zones) as well as in the airport (RIX zone), it will change to 0.12 EUR.

There will also be a change of the Jūrmala entry day pass transaction fee, which will be changed to 5.5% from the entry day pass amount (currently amounting to the same 0.11 EUR as before), with regards to the Jūrmala municipality binding regulations.

Please feel free to read the new version of Regulations for use of services below:
Mobilly Regulations for use of services