From February 1, you have to pay for entering Jurmala throughout the year. If your company’s employees regularly have to travel to Jurmala, our solution will help you to reduce the number of fines in cases when your employees forget to buy a pass. In 2023, our customers have managed to save 600 628 EUR with the service offered by us.

If the entry pass is not purchased by the car entering Jurmala by the end of the day, Mobilly will purchase it for your company.

Please note that this is not an automatic payment tool. Based on the experience of previous years, we can say that the service guarantees 95-98% accuracy, so it can be considered an excellent tool if employees have forgotten to pay for the pass manually. The system checks payments twice a day – at 08:00 PM and 23:30 PM.

To enable the service:

  • conclude an agreement with Mobilly;
  • upload a list of cars owned by the company on the website, in the “Jurmala backup pass purchase” section.

The fee for using this service is EUR 1.50 + VAT for each purchased pass.

If you already use the service, remember to update your company data in the Mobilly backup pass payment system by February 1!

You can see the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

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