Standing in line is old news. Pay with Mobilly!

A busy morning, you’re swamped at work, but want to get home sooner? No more waiting in lines to grab a cup of hot KOOL coffee or your favorite KOOL burger! No matter where you are, you can now buy the best-selling KOOL beverages and snacks with the Mobilly app and pick them up at gas stations. Just come in and pick it up – no more waiting in lines!
With Mobilly app, buy hot drinks and best-selling burgers at all KOOL gas stations, but at the newest and most stylish KOOL “Jūrmala Highway,” you can also purchase soup, ice cream, and the cold strawberry drink.

Try self-service scanners in KOOL "Jurmala Highway"!

Download the Mobilly app or update to the latest version

It is available on Android 5.1, IOS 9+, or later

Purchase KOOL products in the Mobilly app.

Choose the Jūrmala KOOL gas station, pick the products you want, and pay

Scan the QR code of your purchase in Jūrmala KOOL.

Visit KOOL within 24 hours of purchase and scan the code at the self-service scanner

After confirmation, pick up the goods.

If your purchase is not confirmed, make sure you are in the right KOOL station or scan the correct QR code

How to open a Mobilly account?

It's easy and free of charge!


Download the app on your phone

Enter your telephone number in the app. In a moment you will get a text message with a password. Enter it in the app and your account is registered!


Add your payment card and make the purchase

Add your payment card to Mobilly app and make the purchase! When you add the payment card for the first time via website, you will have to top up your Mobilly account with the minimal amount of EUR 3.00.

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Easier in the app!

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