The Munchhausen Museum helps to revive the stories of Colonel Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Baron von Munchhausen’s incredible adventures.

In the room of Munchhausen’s wife Jacobine you will see a little corner of 18th-century ladies’ paradise, while Baron Munchhausen will greet you with a freshly hunted string of duck, killed with a single shot. Hunting trophies, knives, guns and a wax figure of Munchhausen is by no means all that will surprise you. The museum’s display is constantly replenished. On the first floor, you can see the Munchhausen Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, the second floor holds wax figures of present-day and past celebrities. Everyone can take a close-up picture with Maestro Raimonds Pauls or basketball star Uļjana Semjonova and have a chat with Kārlis Ulmanis or the Father of the Dainas.

Walking along the trails of the Munchausen World, you will not only enjoy a relaxing rest, but also meet the heroes of Munchausen’s tales, and probably create your own stories to tell.

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