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Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for a taxi ride with Mobilly?

First, make sure you have enough money in your Mobilly account.

With the Mobilly app:

1. Choose the “Taxi” section in the application, select the carrier

2. Indicate the  Taxi ID** and the service FEE*

3. press PAY

With an SMS:

Send a SMS to 1859 with the text: TX space FEE* space ID**

*FEE – the cost of the ride

**ID – the taxi number which is shown on the front of the taxi. If you drive by Baltic taxi, it will start with letters BT, when driving with Red Cab Taxi it will start with letters RT.

Baltic Taxi IDs start with letters the BT

Red Cab Taxi IDs start with the letters RT

Text message example: TX 4.56 RT999

How can I be sure that a payment has been made to a taxi driver?

When you press the PAY button, the application will show a successful payment confirmation that you can show to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver will also receive an SMS notification indicating that the payment has been made.

Which taxi companies accept payment by Mobilly?

With Mobilly you can pay for Red Cab and Baltic Taxi rides.

Can I add a parking fee to my mobile phone bill?

No, this service is not available.

Is there a surcharge for using Mobilly to pay for a taxi ride?

There is no additional charge for this service. You will pay exactly what the meter shows. uses cookies that store information about your visits to the website. The data is anonymous, and helps us to improve the quality of the website and the services we provide. Please accept the use of cookies on the website.