In accordance with the amendments made by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.599 “Procedures for Provision and Use of Public Transport Services” of 28 August, 2012, which entered into force on 4 March 2016, a bus ticket can be returned if more than two hours are left before departure of the trip and in cases when the departure is late for more than 15 minutes or the carriage does not take place due to the fault of the carrier. The amount refundable is 75% of the ticket price.

You can return your ticket on our website by registering with your phone number and password. To return your ticket, go to Tickets and press “i” at the ticket number or call 1859*.

Other conditions for returning tickets, see HERE.

* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.