The payment for the period by adding it to the phone bill will be generated automatically as soon as the amount corresponding to the time period fee is reached.

Just start paying as usual:

• by sending SMS to 1859 with the text MSTART AUTO Z, where AUTO – vehicle registration number and Z – the tariff zone letter or letters, where your car is parked;

• On Mobilly app – After you have chosen the tariff zone where your car is parked and the vehicle number you want to pay for, press the button Pay adding to phone bill.

The Mobilly system will start charging payment for parking on the basis of time recording, and as soon as the amount of the fee for the parking period is reached, the system will not charge more than specified in the description of the tariff zone.

When you return to your vehicle, stop the payment as usual, and Mobilly will add this amount to your phone bill along with the operator’s transaction fee of 0.25 EUR, for Tele2 clients – 0,35 EUR.