Initially, on the Mobilly application, in the Parking section, open a tariff zone and add your vehicle number to Automatic or the automatic payment.

If you have already entered the Automatic zone, you will be asked whether you are currently in the relevant tariff zone and want to start paying. If you are in the zone shown in the app, press START and wait until the active payment clock appears. If you are not currently in the tariff zone, press CANCEL.

If you are not currently in the parking lot and have activated the Automatic payment, then the next time you drive to the parking lot, the entry barrier will open itself and the payment will start automatically – you will not even have to opened the app.

In the My Cars section of the app, you can change the Automatic settings to indicate in which Automatic zones you want to allow automatic payment start.

Before leaving the Automatic area, make sure you have added your bank card to Mobilly account.