If you want to use any of these EuroPark products, you will not be able to pay with Mobilly, because the use of these products in Automatic zones is currently not possible. Remember to manually switch off the Automatic payment before entering the parking lot.

You can turn off the Automatic payment in the app by going to the My Cars section of the settings. By pressing on the pencil at the respective vehicle number, open the Automatic Parking Settings section and press on the list of automatically paid zones, where you can deactivate Automatic use in the particular car park. You can also call 1859*, Mobilly customer service will help you.

If next time in a particular Automatic zone you would like to pay with Mobilly, do not forget to turn the automatic payment back for this vehicle.
* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.