Jānis Pliekšāns or Rainis was born on September 11, 1865, in the bathhouse of the Varslavāni homestead. His father, Krišjānis Pliekšāns, had built the Tadenava semi-manor, and that is where Rainis spent the first three-and-a-half years of his life.
The mansion of the Pliekšāns family offers an interactive game which helps each visitor to use interactive games to learn about Rainis’ literary heritage. This also helps people to come up with images and a desire to interpret them. The exhibition includes scenes from Rainis’ childhood. Father Krišjānis, mother Dārta and sister Līze called Rainis Žaniņš when he was a child and they lived in Tadenava. The sun motif was important and present for Žaniņš and Rainis during his creative life, and this is a special role at the museum. The sun crosses the sky each day, and it is a guide for visitors to the museum. It will shine into the room of the father, where the family tree of the Pliekšāns family is growing. He calculated numbers, wrote and read, took care of the homestead and thought about the future of his children.

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