Pay as usual – wash the car 50% longer! 

Only on the 2nd and 3rd of October in all Puto carwashes in Latvia, pay with the Mobilly app and wash your car 50% longer!

With Mobilly it is possible to pay for car wash services easily – drive in, pay by phone and wash the car!

How to get more time?

Pay with the Mobilly app

Open the Mobilly app and select "PUTO" in the "OTHERS" section

Indicate your location

Choose your location, or scan the QR code at the stand and indicate how long you plan to wash the car.

Get more time as a gift!

Start washing your car - this weekend every purchase will get 50% more time!

How to open a Mobilly account?

You can open a Mobilly account for free!


Download the app

Enter your phone number in the app. You will receive a password in the next text message format. Enter it in the application and your account is registered!


Top up your Mobilly account and make a purchase

Add your bank card in the Mobilly app and make a purchase! When adding a bank card to the website for the first time, it is necessary to top up Mobilly's account for a minimum amount of EUR 2.50.

Mobilly app icon

Easier in the app!

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