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Going by bus or train now starts on the phone

All is your pocket

Plan your route and buy tickets on your phone with Mobilly. If you drive a car, you can easily pay for parking from anywhere.

Easier payments

Sign up for Mobilly using your bank card, and from then on pay for so many things with just one click in the app. You can also add purchases to your phone bill and pay them all at once.

For businesses

Join the 5,000 companies that are already enjoying the benefits of Mobilly. Control employees' expenses easily, and receive one consolidated bill for everything at the beginning of the month.

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What do people say about Mobilly?

Mobilly TX

Mobilly TX is an automated and transparent solution for state and local government agencies to transfer indirect social benefits to the recipients.

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Mobilly City

A system that enables local government to increase efficiency by developing e-services for and interactive communication channels with the public.

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