In March 2022, the new Liepāja 17th to 19th Century Interior Museum “Mrs. Hoyer’s guest house” at 24 Kungu Street opened its doors to visitors. The Museum invites to experience the sense of presence, to feel the atmosphere, enjoy taste and scent of the history.

Liepāja 17th to 19th Century Interior Museum takes visitors on a journey throughout the centuries and the life stories of two families – Hoyer’s and Stender’s, who are closely related to the history of the building and the families of the house owners.

The first floor of the building offers to feel the mood of the 17th century, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the pub and taste authentic food of those days at the “Mrs. Hoyer’s Pub”, have a look at the private rooms of the widow Margareth Hoyer, as well as the guest rooms of the historic guest house. On the first floor there is an opportunity to see the rooms (chambers), where Tsar Peter The Great more likely overnatted during his Great Embassy’s journey in 1697.
On the second floor of the building, which is related to a later period of time – 19th century, the Museum offers to take a look into the apartment of the descendants of the Notary – Christophe Wilhelm Stender and to enjoy a break with some pastry at the “Stender’s Confectionery”.

Display of the first floor comprises historical items dated to the 17th and 18th century – mirrors, wooden chests, chandeliers, Baroque style sideboards and cabinets, brass sconces and original handpainted Dutch Royal Delftware. Furthermore, the display of the 2nd floor, offers 19th – 20th century interior display with Biedermeier mahogany furniture, Thonet bentwood chairs and tables, embroidery tables made of walnut, chinaware and other household items from the above period.
In the cellar of the Interior Museum building, a contemporary display reflects the extensive restoration works of the building.

The Interior Museum is open to visitors every Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the summer period (June – September) daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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