How Mobilly Automatic parking works?

When entering the car park, the camcorders capture your vehicle’s national registration number, open the barrier and the system will start the countdown timer. When leaving the parking lot, the camera reads the car number, Mobilly checks the balance, the payment automatically stops and the parking barrier opens, allowing you to leave the parking lot.

Drive to the barrier

Camera reads car number

Park your car into parking place

How to pay for Mobilly Automatic parking?

Choose a tariff zone

Add your car for Automatic payment

You are registered. In the future everything will happen automatically.

About Mobilly Automatic

I have a subscription to one of the parking lots in the Automatic zone, what to do?

Note that the subscription is usually made for a person, not a vehicle number, so pay close attention to whether your vehicle is linked to Automatic payment. You can turn off the automatic payment in the app by going to the My Cars section of the settings and pressing on the pencil at the relevant car number. In order not to do Automatic payment with Mobilly for your chosen car, in the section Automatic Parking Settings press List of Automatic parkings and remove the check mark from the given zone.

You can also call 1859*, Mobilly customer service will help you!

* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.

How do I disconnect a vehicle number from Automatic Payment?

On Mobilly application, in the upper right corner, by pressing on 3 dashes you will see your Mobilly account settings. Press on My Cars, find the particular vehicle number and press on the pencil icon.

Under Automatic Parking Settings, by pressing the green button next to the indication Enable Automatic Payments, the button will become gray – it means the vehicle number is disconnected from the automatic payment of the Automatic zone.

In Automatic Parking Settings, you will be able to turn the vehicle’s Automatic payment on and off, as well as change the account from which you will be charged if your phone number is also allowed to pay from any Company Account.

I’m a Company Account user. From which Mobilly account will the payment start upon entering the Mobilly Automatic zone?

In Mobilly Automatic zones, you can set for each vehicle separately from which account (private or business) the payment will start primarily. You can do this in the specific description of the Mobilly Automatic zone at the vehicle number or under My Cars.

Which Mobilly zones currently have Automatic payment available?

Currently, Automatic operates in these zones:

• JTA un JTO – “Jaunā Teika”

• GER – Ģertrūdes 15/17

• RIX – Rīga International Airport

• RG – Galleria Riga Dzirnavu ielā 67

• AK – Kurzemes prospektā 151

• ALB – “Albatross”, Ķesterciemā

• BK – Barons kvartāls, Cēsu ielā 31

• BKUS – Children’s Clinical University Hospital

• DAP – Piekrastes iela 4, Daugavpils

• DAS – Stadiona iela 3a, Daugavpils

• DOC – Daugavpils Olimpiskais centrs

• EASY – Easypark parking, Dzirnieku iela 6

• KC6 – Kalnciema iela 6

• LIB – shopping center Lība

• MEZ – Meža iela 1/3

• OLI – shopping center Olimpia, Āzenes iela 5

• OC – Olimpiskā centra autostāvvieta

• RCT – Central market parking, Nēģu iela 7

• SKO – Skonto stadium

• SKY – shopping center Sky&More, Duntes iela 19a

• TUR – Turgeņeva iela 25

You will find the current list of Automatic zones in the app.

How do I know in which zones the Automatic payment will start?

In these zones, in both – the Mobilly app and at the entrance of the parking lot, you will see the Automatic recognition sign. Indication of parking zone letters will be light green and green mark will appear on the app’s parking list — Automatic.

Automatic payment will start in all parking lots with the Automatic sign regardless of their manager.