Subscription on your phone!

Take the opportunity and buy your subscription on the Mobilly application – it is quick, convenient and simple.

You can use the application for a quick review of the subscription term, settings, and you can make changes at any time. In car parks with a number recognition system, one subscription can be used for several vehicles, as well as automatic extension of the subscription is possible.

Information on the offer of each car park is available on the application, with a description of each parking zone.

Why should I buy a subscription via Mobilly?

Nothing unnecessary

Subscription on your phone, no coupons or cards

Convenient to use

Easy to review the subscription term and settings

Outstanding service

If you have any questions, call us on 1859* — we will help you!

Available for business

Attach the subscription payment to the company’s account

How to buy a subscription via Mobilly?

Use the latest version


Enter your phone number on the application, and your Mobilly account will be created

Available on Android 6, IOS 11+ or later versions of operating systems.


Open parking zone on the app

If there is a possibility to buy a subscription in the car park, press “Payment for subscription” and follow the instructions displayed on the application

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In which parking lots can I buy monthly permits?

If it is possible to buy a monthly permit in the parking lot, the information about it will be indicated in the Mobilly app in the description of the parking lot.

How can I buy a monthly permit?

You can do this quickly and easily in the Mobilly app. In the app open the parking lot where you want to buy a permit, click “Buy a permit” and follow the instructions in the app. If the possibility to pay for the permit is not indicated in the description of the zone, it is not possible to buy a permit in this parking lot.

Do I need some kind of proof that I have a permit?

The permit will be on the phone. No card or other proof is required.

Can I use one permit for multiple cars?

Parking spaces are different, with different solutions.
In parking lots that use a number recognition system, it is possible to add several cars to one permit. With a permit, only one of the cars can be parked at a time.
In parking lots without such a system, the permit is linked to the car number. In situations where it is still necessary to change the car number in these parking lots, call 1859.

How long is the permit valid?

Different types of permits are available in the parking lots – for 7 days, a month, etc. The permit is valid for the selected period from the moment of payment.

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