Mobilly usually sends the following messages daily:

1) response notifications from Mobilly if

  • the payment is started by SMS or the Mobilly app,
  • the parking payment set for a certain period of time has expired,
  • payment has been suspended.

Response notifications in the app are free of charge. If the SMS commands are used instead, then customers Mobilly account is charged for each response notification.

2) notifications, sent to all customers every 2 hours by default to remind that parking is still being paid for and to help avoid overpayment;

Notifications to remind of an active parking are a paid service. However, the customer can choose how often to receive these notifications – from once every 30 minutes to once a day. We do advise to adjust the regularity of notifications according to customers individual habits. As experience shows, in cases where payment is not suspended in time, one such overpayment costs more than the amount spent on reminder notifications.

3) alerts sent to the customer in the event that something is not done correctly when sending SMS commands or using the Mobilly app or the Mobilly account balance is coming to an end;

Notifications to alert the Mobilly app users are provided free of charge. On the other hand, customers who use Mobilly services by sending text messages are using a paid service.

4) mandatory response and transaction notifications requested by the parking lot owner.

The mandatory response and transaction notifications required by the service provider are a paid service.

The fee for individuals is 0.11 Eur, for legal entities – 0.13 Eur (VAT inculded) and this amount is charged from the Mobilly account balance.


If you have any further questions, call 1859 or 22001859.