On the first working day of each month Mobilly prepares an e-invoice, which can be viewed in your Mobilly Company Account on mans.mobilly.lv. The invoice is automatically sent to the contact via e-mail.

1. “Amount for payment” is the amount to be transferred to the invoice issuer SIA Mobilly to the bank account indicated. The total amount shown below the service list table may differ from the “Amount for payment” if a smaller or larger amount than needed has been paid for the invoice of the previous month.

2. SIA Mobilly has already settled with the Partners, therefore only the requisites of SIA “Mobilly” have to be presented in the declaration. Partner Information is informative.

3. More detailed information on phone and vehicle numbers, as well as individual transactions, can be viewed by signing up for Mobilly Company Account on mans.mobilly.lv under Statement.