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Mobilly electronic cash account opening and servicing contract

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Version 5 In force as of 01.02.2021


1. Terms and explanations used in the Contract
1.1. Mobilly electronic cash – electronic cash issued by Mobilly in exchange for actual money and serving as means of payment settlement between Mobilly’s customers. Mobilly repurchases electronic cash in exchange for actual money. Nominal value of Mobilly electronic cash is euro and euro cents.
1.2. Electronic cash issue – operations performed by Mobilly where a sum of electronic cash corresponding of the actual money is transferred to Mobilly customer’s electronic cash account.
1.3. Electronic cash repurchase – an operation performed by Mobilly where a sum of electronic cash is removed from Mobilly customer’s electronic cash account and a sum of actual money corresponding to this cash is paid to the customer.
1.4. Mobilly electronic cash account – an account in Mobilly system identified by the customer’s telephone number, operating pursuant to the procedure specified in this Contract, and used for accounting of Mobilly electronic cash transactions.
1.5. Customer – a natural person with an open Mobilly electronic cash account and at least one performed transaction with Mobilly electronic cash.
1.6. Customer identifier – unique identifier granted to the Customer by Mobilly, whereby the Customer is identified in Mobilly system.
1.7. Trader – a business operator that sells goods or provides services and receives funds via Mobilly for the sold goods or provided services.
1.8. Protest – challenging electronic cash transaction initiated by the Customer.
1.9. Price List – summary of Mobilly service prices and their calculation procedure. The Price List can be included in this Contract or in regulations of the particular services. In any case the Price List is an integral part of the Contract.
1.10. Mobilly – an authorized electronic money institution of the Republic of Latvia – sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību Mobilly (Limited Liability Company Mobilly) (uniform registration No 40003654405, address: Dzirnavu iela 91, k-3, Riga, LV-1011), whose operations of an electronic cash issuer are supervised by the Financial and Capital Market Commission (Kungu iela 1, Riga, LV- 1050; tel. +371 67774800, e-mail: [email protected]), and which is registered in the register of electronic cash institutions kept by the Financial and Capital Market Commission.
1.11. Mobilly system – a part of Mobilly web site ( closed to public access where the Customer can inspect the condition of the Electronic cash account and performed transactions, as well as to give orders for emission of Electronic cash, its repurchase or transfer to a Trader or another customer. Mobilly system can be accessed only by an access user name and password issued to the Customer.
1.12. Personal ID – passport or identity card.
1.13. Banklink payment – an internet banking solution of Latvian banks whereby the Customer can settle payments to Mobilly directly from his or her bank account via a special online service.

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