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Regulations for use of services

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Mobilly– Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību Mobilly (Limited Liability Company Mobilly), uniform registration No 40003654405, who acts as an authorized electronic money institution with trade mark Mobilly.

Regulations– Mobilly service use regulations.

Mobilly mobile application– is a application that operates on smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other devices. The applications operate independently from other devices or systems. The official version Mobilly application is available here:



Huawei: HERE


Mobilly system
– a part of Mobilly web site closed to public access where the Customer can inspect the condition of his or her Mobilly account and performed transactions. The Customer can access Mobilly system by an access user name and password issued to the Customer.

Mobilly account– an account in Mobilly system identified by the Customer’s telephone number and used for accounting of Mobilly electronic cash transactions.

Mobilly operating account– an account in Mobilly system opened for the customer – legal entity, where the Customer’s transactions are recorded.

Contract– Mobilly electronic cash account opening and servicing contract and Mobilly service contract.

Paid car park– a territory that has been especially created and equipped for parking of vehicles, this territory can be either a private property or a territory held by municipality.

Mobilly customer – a natural person who has entered in a contract with Mobilly and who has an open Mobilly electronic cash account or a legal entity who has entered into a service contract with Mobilly and who has an open operating account.

Authorised manager of the paid car park– is the owner of the land and objects who owns or holds the paid car park territory or authorised representatives of these persons, who are authorised to install, maintain, manage the paid car park and to control compliance with the regulations on use of the paid car park.

Web site – web site with address



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