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Mobilly service contract regulations (corporate)

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Version 7 In force as of 11.02.2021


1. Contract terms and definitions

1.1. Mobilly– Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību Mobilly (Limited Liability Company Mobilly), uniform registration No 40003654405, who acts as an electronic money institution with trade mark Mobilly.

1.2. Trader– a business operator that sells goods or provides services and receives funds via Mobilly for the sold goods or provided services.

1.3. Contract– together with Mobilly service contract form and these Mobilly service contract regulations (or their amendments in force or new wording).

1.4. Regulations– Mobilly service contract regulations.

1.5. Customer– a person, who has concluded a Contract with Mobilly and whose data have been indicated in Clause 2 of the Contract form.

1.6. Operating Account– an account opened for the Customer in Mobilly system that records the Customer’s transactions, by purchasing the Trader’s products or services.

 1.7. User – the mobile phone number linked with the Customer’s Operating Account used for performance of transactions. The Customer authorises the User to conclude transactions with Traders on behalf of the Customer. 

1.8. Mobilly System – system maintained by Mobilly that records mutual transactions of the Customers, Traders and Mobilly. 

1.9. Party, Parties – Mobilly and the Customer together or each of them separately. 

1.10. VAT – value added tax. 

1.11. Mobilly Automatic – type of Mobilly car park where the payment starts automatically when cameras read the vehicle registration numbers. This type of car park charges is activated when individual Users add the particular vehicle number to the Operating Account for payment. 

1.12. Agent – a person acting in his own name, but in the interests of another person (undisclosed agent within the meaning of the Civil Law of Republic of Latvia). 



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