Mobilly money payout form


The document must be signed with a secure electronic signature and sent to [email protected] or submitted in person at the Mobilly office, Dzirnavu Street 91, k3 – 20, presenting an personal identity document.
Information about data processing: The personal data and other identifying information requested in this request form are processed in order for Mobilly to comply with its legal obligations and be able to fulfil its contractual obligations to the applicant. Electronic money redemption is regulated by the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money. The obligation to identify a person when providing him/her with a financial service, including payment services and electronic money issuance and repurchase services, is regulated by the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. The relationship between Mobilly and the applicant is governed by the agreement on opening and servicing the Mobilly electronic money account.


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