• Company account on website

How to restore the password of my Company Account?

In order to receive a renewed Company Account password, Mobilly needs to receive an email from the contact person specified in the contract. Send e-mail to [email protected].

How do I change the password of my Company Account?

When you sign up for Mobilly on your Company Account, you will be able to change your password at Contact Information by pressing the Change Password button in the Profile section.

How to determine if the customer is attached to the Company Account?

The Mobilly application will display information about the company to which the client is attached in the particular user profile.
The contact person of the company can also make sure of all the phone numbers attached to the Company Account by registering on Mobilly website, indicating the company username and password. You can view the attached phone numbers in the Profile section.

Which vehicle numbers can be paid from the Company Account?

If the person responsible for the company profile has not specified any vehicle number, then the company employee will be able to pay for any vehicle number from the phone number attached to the Company Account. If at least one vehicle number is listed in the company profile, it will only be possible to pay just for that one from the Company Account.

How to delete or attach phone numbers to my Company Account?

When you sign up for Mobilly on your company profile, you can attach and delete phone numbers under the Phone Numbers in the Profile section.

How can I make changes to my Mobilly Company Account if my company contact, address, or billing email has changed?

The letter to [email protected] from the e-mail specified in the contract must be sent in free form with information about the changes to be made.

Where can I get information on each employee’s transactions made from Mobilly Company Account?

When registering on Mobilly website in your company profile, in the Statement section select Transactions, then selecting the specific dates and ticking the Group by Userbutton, press Sendand you will receive the required report.

Does the company have the option of setting a specific parking time for the employee to pay the Company Account beyond the business hours?

Yes, you can place a specific payment time on Mobilly website by logging in to your company profile: in section Profile → Allowed Time.

Can a company also make payments for other services offered by Mobilly from its Company Account?

Yes, it's possible. Available services can be viewed on Mobilly website by registering in the Company Account under Profile → Authorized Services → Edit Allowed Services. To allow payment for a particular service from your Company Account, tick the appropriate service that the company wants to pay.