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Train tickets

How do I buy a train ticket?

You can buy the ticket on Mobilly website under Train tickets or on Mobilly app.
In the application, select the Trains section, select the desired route and trip, and press Buy ticket*.

* Before that, make sure you have added your bank card to your Mobilly account.

Can I buy a train ticket by adding the payment to the mobile phone bill?

Yes, LMT and Bite customers can buy train tickets on Mobilly app and pay for them as added to the phone bill.

Choose the required train ticket on Mobilly app, and instead of to Buy Ticket, press PAY ADDING TO PHONE BILL - then you will have bought a train ticket and its price together with a commission of 0.25 EUR will be added to your mobile phone bill.

How long is the train ticket valid?

The train ticket is valid for one ride on the trip selected at the time of buying or the next trip. Please note: the train ticket must be bought before boarding the train! More information:

How much does a train ticket cost when buying it on Mobilly?

The price of a train ticket is exactly the same as at the ticket office.

Will I get the 25% discount given by “Passenger Train”, when buying a ticket on Mobilly?

Yes, when you buy a train ticket with Mobilly, you will also receive the 25% business day discount as set out by the “Pasažieru Vilciens” (Passenger Train).

What to consider when buying a diesel train ticket?

• Tickets for diesel train trips can be bought on Mobilly app or on the website for the trips of the next 10 days.
• The ticket will be valid for the selected trip or the trip next after it.
• Tickets cannot be bought on spot in the high comfort carriages and trains with numbered seats. It is not possible to upgrade the ticket to make it valid for the high comfort carriages.

Can I also buy a luggage ticket when buying a train ticket on Mobilly?

Yes, you can. When buying the ticket and specifying the number of tickets, you will also be able to select the luggage ticket.

Can I buy multiple tickets?

From one Mobilly account you can buy several tickets, but no more than 9 tickets.

Can I buy a to-and-fro train ticket with Mobilly?

Yes, you can. When buying the ticket and specifying the number of tickets, press BUY RETURN TICKET and you will be able to select your return trip. Then you just need to know the departure time of your return trip train.

What should I do if I have bought a train ticket on the app, but it does not show with the active tickets?

There may have been a break in the Internet and the ticket has not loaded into the app, so, please, reload the application by closing and reopening it. You can always view the Mobilly train ticket on the Mobilly website by logging in to your account and opening the Tickets section, from where you can download the train ticket in PDF format.

I want to buy a train ticket from the Company Account, but it fails. What should I do?

To clarify the reason, call 1859* or 22001859.

The most common reasons for failing to buy a train ticket are the following:
• the company has denied getting train tickets from Mobilly account,
• The company has limited the time it takes to get train tickets by allowing them to be bought on specific days and times.
• The credit limit for the Mobilly account has been reached
• Mobilly Account is blocked
• The phone number from which you want to buy the ticket is not added to Mobilly account.

* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.

The company I work for has signed a contract with Mobilly. Can I buy a train ticket as a private person?

Yes, you can. Although the phone number is added to the Company Account, you can also pay for all services as a private person. After selecting the desired trip, press the BUY button and you will be able to select PRIVATE ACCOUNT option.

Can I have the money returned for the train ticket bought?

In accordance with the amendments made by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 599 “Procedures for Provision and Use of Public Transport Services”, which came into force on March 4, 2016, you can return a diesel train ticket if there are more than two hours left until the departure of the trip. The amount that can be refunded is 75% of the ticket price.

To have the money returned for diesel train or electric train tickets bought, send an email to, indicating the phone number from which the ticket was bought, route, trip and time, as well as the reason for returning the ticket, or call us at 1859*.

* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.