Notification about unpaid use of postpayable parking / Penalty

I have started to pay for parking on Mobilly. How will the controller know that the payment is ongoing?

The parking controllers are doing checkups in Mobilly system. By entering the vehicle numbers into the parking control device, the controller will be able to see whether the vehicle is being paid for or not.

When does Mobilly warn that the controller has started checking the vehicle?

If you have parked your vehicle in the EuroPark Latvia tariff zone and the controller has already started checking the vehicle, as soon as you want to activate the payment for parking, Mobilly will warn you that the payment for parking has not been started, because the EuroPark controller has already started checkup of your vehicle. If you receive such a notice, then you should be aware that the payment on Mobilly for this vehicle is denied all day and that the controller most likely has already issued a penalty.

Notification of the fact that the controller of “Rigas Satiksme” has started your vehicle checkup will be sent to you from Mobilly only if you try to start paying for parking within 15 minutes after the controller has already checked up your car. After these 15 minutes you will be able to initiate the payment again even if you have already received a message about the unpaid use of postpayable parking.

! If you have forgotten to start payment for parking and do not know if the controller has already done the vehicle checkup, you can call 1859 * and ask our operator to check if your car has been checked up.

* The call may be subject to a charge set by the mobile operator depending on the tariff plan. You can also call +371 22001859.

I have activated the payment for parking on Mobilly, but I have received a penalty receipt; what should I do?

The following information should be checked, when a penalty receipt is made available:
1. Who has issued the penalty receipt; it is possible that the penalty receipt has been issued by the municipal police because the vehicle is parked where it is not allowed to;
2. What is the vehicle number shown on the penalty receipt? Maybe you have indicated a wrong vehicle number when you started parking payment with Mobilly?
3. In which tariff zone the penalty receipt has been issued? Check if you have indicated the correct letter or letters of the tariff zone when starting parking payment with Mobilly.
4. What time was the penalty receipt issued? Maybe you have started paying with Mobilly after the time of issue of the penalty receipt?

After comparing the information of the penalty receipt with the activated Mobilly parking information, I concluded that I have made a mistake in the vehicle number / tariff zone. What should I do?

In the event you have made a mistake indicating a wrong vehicle number or parking zone, upon starting to pay for parking on Mobilly, you should inform the owner of the parking lot – the company that issued the penalty receipt.

Mobilly gives you the opportunity to pay for parking, but it is under the control of car park owners, so the decision to cancel the penalty receipt can only be taken by the issuer of the penalty receipt.

Starting the payment I have indicated the Rigas Satiksme tariff zone, although I was in the EuroPark Latvia tariff zone, which resulted in a penalty. What should I do?

You have the opportunity to write a submission to the company in whose parking lot your vehicle was not parked. In the submission, you should point out that you have made a payment for parking incorrectly and ask to return the erroneous payment. Remember to add the penalty receipt you received to your application.

Where can I get a Mobilly sticker?

You can get a Mobilly sticker at us on arrival at 91, k-3 Dzirnavu Street.

Is it possible to start payment for parking and place a note with the word Mobilly in the window instead of the sticker?

Yes, because the stickers serve not only to make the controllers more efficient and better perform the vehicle inspection, they also help to inform those around you that you are paying with Mobilly – thus avoiding unpleasant situations in everyday life.

Is it possible to pay for the notification about the unpaid use of postpayable parking / penalty on Mobilly?

This service is currently unavailable. We are working to make the penalty receipts payable in future on Mobilly.